Why India...Why not Bharat? Why not Hindustan?

Now and then I keep watching over news channels people protesting to get their City's name change to the old one ,
1. Bombay to Mumabai
2. Calcutta to Kolkata
3. Cochine to Kochi
4. Bangalore to Bangluru
5. Mysore to Mysuru
6. Madras to Chennai
7. Calicut to Kozhikode

Why are we thinking only about cities, and not about the country?
India is the not the orginal name of bharat, It was Bharat, Hindustan.

Well the answer is politicians are the one who provoke people to change thier city's name
just for their own benifit, and as we know politicians are as small as their thinking...

They can't think of fighting for changing India's name on the globe to Bharat or Hindustan,
becuase for doing that, they have to approach the people outside their state, which they are not interested in...

Behind all these cities name changes, it has been small parties only whose scope of work has been limited to thier state...

I wonder why no big party like Congress or BJP ever took up this issue ?


  1. India's other official name is Bharat. And about changing the name to hindustan that cannot be done because it contains word 'hindu' in it. I guess you can understand it how ppl in India politicize it esp. politicians.

  2. Politics Arif Bhai.. changing Bombay to Mumbai gets them Marathi votes, Bengalore to Benguluru gets them Kanadiga votes. Politicians might be as cheap as we might think, but i feel ppl of this country are equally foolish to vote for a political party or a politician just because he changes the name of the city :-)

  3. I agree to ashish2009.
    its all a game

  4. @Random ... yeah buddy I know our contoury's official name is bharat...but that's official in India only ...on world map still it's India...yeah I too it's dicrty politics...

  5. You are so right, I wish it changed BACK to Hindustan or to Bharath, which we only call, but I don't know why....BUT JAAAYY HIND.

  6. Only Politics.. Votes...EVEN BJP had a big propaganda of change a name of Ahmedabad to KARNAVATI before they establish their strong Foundation in GUJARAT. Now not a single word of it they reminding or even FOOLISH public never remind. Look at MODI, he has pure majority votes, still Nothing going to change. New generation is powerless, without direction or leadership...

  7. I Agree with you 100%


    English sikho, likho, bolo, lekin socho

    Humare desh ka nam BHARAT hai esliye ye english me bhi BHARAT hi hoga na ki INDIA.

    Please give answer following questions
    Q.1 Britishers who had the desire to destroy the nation's identity. They started their scheme with changing the name of the country. They called it India ?
    Q.2 Noun is the name of a person, place or things. exp. India or Bharat . India=India, Bharat =Bharat. Then why translate India = Bharat or Bharat = India ?
    Q.3 Recently In our country Bombay has become Mumbai, Culcutta has become Kolkata and Madras has become Chennai but India cannot become Bharat ?
    Q4. `Bharat mata ki jai' has been the slogan and mantra throughout the Country during freedom struggle. why ?
    Q5. The highest national award open to any Indian is also called `Bharat Ratna` ?
    Q6. Ceylon has become Sri Lanka. Burma has become Myanmar. Gold Coast in Africa has become Ghana. Likewise we should also rename our great country as Bharat ?
    Q7. Why `Bharat ka Samvidhan' should be translated as Constitution of India and not as Constitution of Bharat?
    Q8. In all language call America = America, Pakistan=Pakistan, Shri Lanka=Shri Lanka, Punjab=Punjab, Tamilnadu = Tamilnadu then why Bharat = INDIA ?
    Q9. My friend name is Surya Prakash. Can I call him Sun Light ? As our country name Bharat and we call India ?
    Q10. We are proud of INDIAN ? OR We are proud of Bhartiya ?
    Q11. Why not use Bharat instead of India ?
    Q12 .Why two names for our motherland ? Is not retaining the name `India' an act of mental slavery ?

    Q13. Ek sajjan ka nam hindi me Sundarlal chadda he to kya aap unhe english me Beautifulred Underwear kahenge.

    A. No, Nahi, NEVER.

    ISLIYE MERE PYARE BHARATWASIYO Bharat ko BHARAT hi kaho english me bhi.

    english me india kah kar apne desh ka apman na karo, kyoki



    as Rastrakavi shri Maithilisharan Guptji

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  8. Out of the various names used to call our country....India is the only name which is after the name river indus,which flows in our country. and Bharat was the name given cause it was ruled by a king named Bharat and he was very powerful king who ruled a very big part or the world.

    my question is why call our country by the name of a king who ruled people rather than by a name which was given after indus river which happens to be natures gift to this country.

  9. No my friend it was the honor given to the King Bharat. He was the great king and he not only ruled but also converted the different-different states in one country that’s why there is one country Bharat nahi to ek desh ke kai tukde ho chuke hote. Do you know he left his kingdom and became a sadhu in his country and live like a sadhu. So you want that name Akbar given to Jalal is wrong, there are a lot of person’s jinhe kai namo se navaja gaya tha is wrong. If you go in detail there are a lot of rivers which are named on a king only.

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  11. English sikho, likho, bolo, lekin socho

    "आंसू टपक रहे है , भारत के हर बाग से .
    शहीदों की रूहे लिपट के रोती है , हर खासो आम से .
    अपनों ने बुना था हमें, भारत के नाम से .
    फिर भी यहाँ जिंदा है हम , गैरों के दिए हुए नाम इंडिया से"
    In Hindi - Hamare desh ka nam Bharat hai.

    In English - Our country name is India.................. why ?

    I am learning English language and my objection here is, We have regained our nation's independence 60 yrs ago, and still we teach our kids ,"Beta, apne desh ko Hindi me BHARAT bolo aur English me INDIA!" WHY ??

    Why should we translate the name of our great country?
    Our constitution has given the name Bharat a very status for international use !

    Still,while communicating in English or any other foreign language,we deny this name it's right & instead prefer to use a name which is "given" to us by outsiders,rather than using the name that is "indigenous" to our motherland ! WHY ???


    Please forward to Bhartiya people if you agree with me and your valuable opinion send for me.


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  12. To promote the use of name BHARAT at the national & international levels

    Petition to The President of India was created by and written by Amalangi Kamalakar Nande (amalangi_gkn@yahoo.co.in)

    To promote the use of name BHARAT at the national & international levels


    1.Practical example!

    There is nothing wrong if somebody among your friends suppose calls you as Varun or Mr.Sable or even by a third name(pet name if there is any)!

    But imagine the situation, that a group of some armed strangers comes to your house ,makes you & your family their slaves with the help of muscle power, misbehaves with & abuses your family members taking an advantage of your helplessness ! This situation continues for years & you keep on hearing those strangers calling you & your family members as "hey, those Betulwalaas"(Suppose your origin is from Betul !) while talking among themselves!

    Now, one day, your whole family decides & makes plan to get together & unite the whole power to drive away those strangers & even succeed in that!

    Now after this, will you ,while continuing with your respectful life as before, continue to be called as Betulwalaa ,a name indicative of a bad patch in the life of your family's history? Does this name has got the same status that your forefathers or your near & dear ones have given you?

    Choice is yours!

    2. Another example!

    Suppose you are a student & get transferred to a new school/college & the students there start calling you from the name of the place that you have come from(eg.Hey Betulwala),rather than your real name! You may bear this for a few days & then you will show enough courage to tell them "Hey, this is my real name & i would like all of you to call me by this!"

    Similarly, now there is enough time period that they have been calling our country by the name (based upon Sindhu river, which is again changed by them to Indus) & now this is the time that we should have a courage to stand with our own name Bharat & also tell so to the rest of the world to call us by it!

    To promote the use of name BHARAT at the national & international levels

    "उपदेशो ही मूर्खानाम, प्रकोपाय न शान्तये .
    पयं पानं भुजन्गानाम, केवल्नम विष वर्धनम .."

  13. भारत
    "आंसू टपक रहे है , भारत के हर बाग से .
    शहीदों की रूहे लिपट के रोती है , हर खासो आम से .
    अपनों ने बुना था हमें, भारत के नाम से .
    फिर भी यहाँ जिंदा है हम , गैरों के दिए हुए नाम इंडिया से"

    जो तर्क को अनसुना कर दे , वह कहर है .
    जो तर्क ही नहीं कर सके , वह मूर्ख है .
    और जो तर्क करने का साहस ही नहीं दिखा सके वह , गुलाम है.

    माँ और भारतमाता
    माँ तब भी रोती थी, जब बच्चा रोटी नहीं खाता था ?
    माँ अब भी रोती है, जब बेटा रोटी नहीं देता ?
    भारतमाता तब भी रोती थी, जब बेटे गुलाम थे ?
    भारतमाता अब भी रोती है, जब बेटे उसे Mother India कहते है ?

    अब तो भारत कहो
    जिसको न निज गौरव तथा निज देश पर अभिमान है .
    वह नर नहीं , वह पशु निरा है , और मृतक समान है .
    रास्त्रकवि श्री मैथिलीशरण गुप्तजी

    जरा सोचिये यदि आपके नाम से कोई भी संपत्ति जैसे कोई भूमि, खेत, मकान, दुकान,
    कंपनी, वाहन आदि पंजीकृत है या उस पर आपका मालिकाना हक़ है .

    आपकी कमजोरी के कारण कुछ शक्तिशाली अवैध कब्जाधारी (गुंडे) आपको डरा धमकाकर, आपको आपकी संपत्ति से बेदखल कर देते है .
    "उन परिस्थितियों को महसूस कीजिये"
    काफी लम्बे संघर्ष के बाद आपको आपकी संपत्ति वापस प्राप्त हो जाती है.

    अब आप मुझे बताइए की क्या आप अब भी अपनी संपत्ति पर उन अवैध कब्जाधारी
    (गुंडों) का दिया / लिखा हुआ नाम लिखा रहने देंगे और उस नाम पर गर्व
    महसूस करेंगे.
    क्या सोच रहे है आप ?
    बचाइए स्वाभिमान का प्रतिक अपने देश का नाम "भारत"

    हमारे देश का नाम हिंदी में भारत है, इसलिए ये इंग्लिश में भी BHARAT ही होगा ना की INDIA.

    मालूम है अंजाम हमें उम्मीदों का ; फिर भी आस लगाना अच्छा लगता है ...!!! पंजाब स्क्रीन !!!

    अनिल गायकवाड


  14. Mate, you got this mixed up -
    Cochin to Kochi
    Calicut to Kozhikode

    Not your fault, one will always get mixed up with so many name changes. :)

  15. I agree. Bharat should be the name of the nation of Bharat.

    The term "Indian" was used by the British to refer to "wogs", "black fellas" or "natives". That's all it meant to them. They used it all over the world throughout their colonies.

    To say that the British used the term "Indian" due to their being awestruck by the great remains of the Indus Valley civilisation (which was a largely illiterate civilisation anyway, not like the Vedic civilisation which was something completely different) is really to show that one is wearing rose-coloured glasses.

    The diary of Captain Cook (who worked for the British East India Company and who in official history was supposedly the "discoverer" of Australia) refers to the Australian native on his approach to Australia as "Indians".

    In his logbook he wrote:
    Wednesday, August 22nd, 1770
    Remarks, &c.
    Mod. and clear wea'r; saw a number of smoaks along shore. At 1 lay too for the yawl; pinnace and longboat sounding. ½-p't 2, made sail and steer'd for a passage between some islands and the main. At 3 fired a gun, and made the signell for the boats to sound the next passage to the no'ward of the abovemention'd. ¾-p't 3, was in the passage; dist'ce from the east shore, ¾ of a mile; saw several Indians, who follow'd us shouting.

  16. when we start bel.. your self, india become bharat,
    For me, name of my country name india shows that, we still not independent for our need & decisions

  17. we are still mentally slave of westerns .....once chankya said that if u want a country is not slave untill unless its culture is remained....now macualay who introduced the present education policy said that if we want to rule india we must destray its backbone that is culture. so they propgated the name india .......and those who think bharat was a honour to a king they must know the meaning of it , Bharat is made up of 2 worda "Bha + Rat" bha means elightment nd rat means devoted , so bharat means place whwere ppl are devoted for enlightment ......we yout ppl have to understand it and change it

  18. I don't prefer the name as India instead of Bharat. About change of name my feeling is that it is very difficult now to change the name of India, because Perhaps India is the only country in the Globe holing three names at a time.
    When Congress was the leading party in India it was possible for them to change the name for India. Now it is too late. We have to wait till Mamata Banerjee become the PM for this country, and I am sure it will be and I want to see.