My first experiance with Income Tax dept,Bangaluru.

On 3rd Sept 2009,   I receivied an email from IT dept. bangaluru with title "it scrutiny ay 07-08"

Emails said "Notice under Section 143(2) of the Income - Tax Act, 1961 "
it was mentioned that postal notice has already been sent to my old address, and in that notice
I was asked to  report to IT officer on 31 Aug, 2009,

and it was also mentioed that "if you fail to comply with this notice a sum of Rs.10,000/- per default is leviable u/s 271(1)(b). "

and I said oh my god 143(2)  and 271(1)(b), what is all this ? I never heard about it before,
why is this notice issued to me? I am a salaried employee who pays the tax regularly, infact
every month thousand of Rs get deducted from my salary by employer.

Gosh what will happen now? I was too worried.
I sent emails to all frined, they sent to their friends, no one had ever recevied this notice before,
I also searched  those scary numbers numbers 143(2) and 271(1)(b) on internet but did not find much.

First of all I was worried about that 10,000 fine, which was applicable if I fail to attend IT office on 31 aug 2009, I received email only on 3 Sept, How could I ? thousand of question were in mind.

Friends suggested to go to  IT office and check out what's the matter.

I thought ok lets do it, found out the address of IT office it was famous HMT tower,
while riding towards HMT tower,which is  close 10 KM from my place,
I was recalling my old experiance with govt offices, Rashan card office in Banglore, BSNL office, Bangalore Unitverisity, Indore university, Indore municipal . 

I said ohh boy you gone, they will not be co-operative at all and will make you run some 15-20 times ....
or to listen you first they may either ask for money.

But when I entered the IT officers room, there were already some 3-4 software engg engaged in talking with him. all of them were also victim of those scary numbers like me.

That's when I got to know that my case ( and their case ) was randomly selected through their sofware...
the "Unlucky draw", oh man  that's when I took a deeeeeeeep breath.

We had a chat with IT officer who turned out to be quite co operative and interactive and above all a techy himself too.

He asked me about my free and open source software PMW too, what it does etc.
not only IT officer but other staff too were very co operative and helpful.

IT officer gave me a list if documents that I need to submit before 1 Nov, 2009
and when I asked him can I come on weekend and he said "we are also IT people like you, we also don't work on weekends :)"

Overall it turned out to be very proffesional environment unlike any other govt office which I had experinaced so far.

So not all govt offices are same.

Why India...Why not Bharat? Why not Hindustan?

Now and then I keep watching over news channels people protesting to get their City's name change to the old one ,
1. Bombay to Mumabai
2. Calcutta to Kolkata
3. Cochine to Kochi
4. Bangalore to Bangluru
5. Mysore to Mysuru
6. Madras to Chennai
7. Calicut to Kozhikode

Why are we thinking only about cities, and not about the country?
India is the not the orginal name of bharat, It was Bharat, Hindustan.

Well the answer is politicians are the one who provoke people to change thier city's name
just for their own benifit, and as we know politicians are as small as their thinking...

They can't think of fighting for changing India's name on the globe to Bharat or Hindustan,
becuase for doing that, they have to approach the people outside their state, which they are not interested in...

Behind all these cities name changes, it has been small parties only whose scope of work has been limited to thier state...

I wonder why no big party like Congress or BJP ever took up this issue ?