Why I hate Javascript

Javascript is one of the most powerful langauge and has he change the people use computers today, but this post doesn't talk about positive sides of java script.

  1. "NaN" == "NaN" is false. Wow, why was such crap needed, its a programming languages not some movie.  I cant visualize a scenario where such stupid check would help me in product code.
  2. undefined, null and the stories. bullshit.
    • There are two different data types 'undefined' and 'null'
    • Variable that are of type 'undefined' can have only one value and that's 'undefined'
      (wow , why do we need such data types that can have only one value) 
    • Variable that are of type 'null' can have only one value and that's 'null'
      (wow , why do we need such data types that can have only one value) 
    • undefined == null is true
      ( wow sirji, they are different but still same, why? because one operator == converts one to other ) 
    • value undefined is derivative of the value null 
    • 'undefined' is value also and type also :)
    • 'null' is value also type also :)
       People coming from high level programming languages would certainly find it unconventional. I mean if          you just had one value( not type) 'null' and all uninitialized variable were by default 'null' that was 
       enough.  Now with all of this combination and complication,  I need to ensure that not I understand this
       extra undesired stuff but all other engineers working with me also do.

How much has Indore progressed in last ten year?

Well I love Indore, I am the proud founder of a group called Indories-In-Banglaore , which connects about 200 people from my land. yearly once ot twice we organize get-togethers, where Indori food is being served.

Keeping my love for Indore and Indorians aside, this is sarcastic post and mainly describe the pain of a son and brother.

Its been about ten years, when my parents moved to Azad nagar from Ashoka colony, Manikbag Rd. Since then I have been trying my brother has been trying but we never got a BSNL broadband connection.

I work in Bangalore while rest of the family is in Indore, we would want to have a high speed broadband connection, so that we can have skype video call.  I have brought very good HD cameras and good mice for the same, but in spite of being well equipped with all good quality hardware, we  have one basic thing missing, a high speed internet.

Almost every year we applied, and first couple of years were told by officials that, your area is very far from the current BSNL broadband network, and only for one person, we can't expand that network.

Now that I know that BSNL has reached till Teenn imly squre, which is just 0.5 km from my place, we again tried, but Now BSNL has been telling that we dont have permissions for digging. 

As of now we are managing with BSNL USB modem internet eVDO,  but since its wireless speed is pathetically bad, video conferencing( skype) doesn't work properly.

On one one side MP govt wants to make Indore an IT hub and on other hand people in some areas cant get a govt broadband internet connection. 
Not sure when a good internet connection will be as common as water connection. 

samsung gt s5282 mobile phone review

I had bought this phone because it was the feature reach and budget phone in 5k INR range.
One of the most inexpensive android phone, but within first 3-4 months itself i have realized that its so bad.

1) Charger shipped with this stopped working after a month or so.

2)  Mobile would go white screen, entire screen will be white screen, no menu nothing will be visible, tapping any of the button or screen wouldn't make any difference.   if any phone is coming at this time, there is no way you can received this call.  the only way out is switch off the phone and restart after a gap of 10-15 minutes, if you dont give gap issue may reoccure.

3) ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS : one I received a call from home ( i was called from BSNL landline) that Phone is making huge noise like a rajdoot motor cycle.  my wife on the phone explained that phone had low battery and the moment she plugged in for charging, it started making huge noise like some big old time motor bike. she immediately unplugged the charger, and it started getting very hot temperature was increasing. she tried to remove the battery but dint succeed. thats when she called I felt as if I am bomb squad member and have to help defuse a bomb especially when I am a few kilo meters away and bomb is just about to blast in 30-45 seconds. My family's life was on risk. I asked my wife to keep phone out of the phone and remain inside and then asked to call neighboor for help. I also considered calling police for the same but by then courageous neighbor came and removed the battery and story was closed. we recharged after 6 hours and restarted the phone and it s working fine since last 2 days , but I am scared of carry a mobile that can burst any time.

Samsung please help. you can reach  me at arif[dot]ali[dot]syed[at]gmail[dot]com  or  

Decathlon nabaiji swimming goggle and swimming cap

I purchased the swimming cap and swimming goggles by nabaiji brand that's sold by Decathlon.
Experience with Swimming cap was good as it would keep my hairs dry even after an hour in swimming pool.
Experience with swimming goggle was pathetic , I tried two model that they had on shelf. 
Xbase Adult and SWIMDOW both would not protect your eyes from water, which is its primary function.
I had first purchased Xbase adult and found its not working water is sipping in always. I went back to their Bannergahtta Rd store staff was humble they offered me to buy SWIMDOW. 
I insisted that I would want to  test it here in bucket of water. I tested it and decathlon employee also tested,
and SWIMDOW also failed the test, please find the photograph  here for the proof.

  Earlier I had a swimming goggle from Speedo, and that use to work fine, but recently my son broke it and my hunt began for another good swimming goggle.

I have still not bought another swimming glasses, I am hunting for one. Any suggestions are welcome.
If i find something good I will update here.

Get rid of cockroaches in home / kitchen

Like most people we also always have  had cockroaches as part of our family and have been sharing the space with them. 
  1. Tried Red Hit, Kala Hit, and all sort of sprays, none of them gave any permanent solution.
  2. Lakshman rekha and many  of other chalks. 
1st solution spray , will just kill the lazy cockoches whom you could chase and spray on them.
2nd solution will kill all those who cross the chalk line in next 24 hours. 

Certainly 2nd approach ,chalks,  were better than sprays.  but new generation would come back in next 2-3 weeks. 

I recently tried following herbal product  "Exit No Entry", its some local product manifectured in Bangalore itself.

I bought 5-6 packets of it, its some green color gel type stuff,  I made out small-small balls out if it.
balls as small as half inch diameter. (they are as big as keys on my keyboard ) , half size of of normal naphthalene balls.

Planted them all in all my house. 50% of it was in kitchen.  

In Kitchen: Below wash basin , in all storage below kitchen platforms and on shelf etc. behind refrigerator.  
Since its sticky gel just like M-seal, you can stick it in places where its not visible to kids.

In Living Room : I kept in all corners of TV stand inside and behind  shoe rack , in the bottom of sofa.
In Bedroom : in wardrobes/dressing table in bedroom.  
In bathrooms.  All chhajja storage in home, even in store room.

Result was not immediate like Lakshman rekha, whenever  I put Lakshamn rekha, all of them would die in next 24 hours.  while in with this herbal solution I kept in cleaning dead cockroaches till on week, after putting this herbal solution, and its been 3 months now i have not seen a single cockroach in house.

Eariler whenever I use to wake up in night and go to kitchen for drinking some water or to eat something, 
the moment I put on the light, there use to be cockroaches stampede. 

Now  I dint find any of them in the middle of night also. Once I kept some eatable on kitchen platform and checked at 1 -2 AM but there was no one to eat the left over.

Bottom line: Any Herbal products like "Exit - No Entry" does work.  buy two packet for kitchen and one packet for all other room.

Disclaimer : I am not connected with this product called "No Entry" in any case. Just sharing my experience. I think other herbal products that are available on nearest groceries shop should work as well.