Why India...Why not Bharat? Why not Hindustan?

Now and then I keep watching over news channels people protesting to get their City's name change to the old one ,
1. Bombay to Mumabai
2. Calcutta to Kolkata
3. Cochine to Kochi
4. Bangalore to Bangluru
5. Mysore to Mysuru
6. Madras to Chennai
7. Calicut to Kozhikode

Why are we thinking only about cities, and not about the country?
India is the not the orginal name of bharat, It was Bharat, Hindustan.

Well the answer is politicians are the one who provoke people to change thier city's name
just for their own benifit, and as we know politicians are as small as their thinking...

They can't think of fighting for changing India's name on the globe to Bharat or Hindustan,
becuase for doing that, they have to approach the people outside their state, which they are not interested in...

Behind all these cities name changes, it has been small parties only whose scope of work has been limited to thier state...

I wonder why no big party like Congress or BJP ever took up this issue ?