Microsoft Teched-2010

Recently attended Microsoft TechEd  in Bangalore and 
I have a mixed opinion. 

Event organization: 
Though it was held at one of the famous "Lalit Ashok"  but still i felt even organization company 
was not able to properly manage such a huge event but it's OK i don't blame them , because 
whenever we also have organized any event Be it a marriage in family or Bday or any other company event, 
we also make some mistakes. 
But what I disliked most was making us have lunch in full the summer ,
Forget about a AC hall ( even though it's Lalit Ashok) , there was no shelter also. 

Visual Studio 2010 DEMOs:
a) IDE:
The presentation began with Launch of Visual Studio 2010.
Where they demonstrated two features of IDE, which I found
other products have since last 5 years. 
1. Zoom in/Out in source code (Notepad ++  already had it, since year) 
2. Docking out the documents from IDE ( Common this is a very common feature)

but later on when they came up with the Demo of IntelliTrace.
I said "Ohh boy, that's awesome". 
IntelliTrace can help developer debug & fix, Non reproducible bugs reported 
by QEs.

c)Team Foundation Server : Basically it's version control + build server. It can help managers,team lead and architect enforce rule for check in. 
  •  Architectect can enforce architectural rule for example SetProperty Functions should not be called from
    this DLL/this project etc. 
  • Don't allow check-in if doesn't compile or breaks architectural rule.
  • Scenario execution : QEs/Dev can record scenarios and build server will automatically run all these scenario test once the build is over. 
  • We can also set a rule if any scenario test fails don't allow check-in.
But What I dislike most is Microsoft is continuing to put on it's efforts on .NET  and forgetting their C++ users.  IntelliTrace doesn't work at all for C++  on other hand Team Foundation Server's
Scenario execution part doesn't work with unmanaged code. 


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