samsung gt s5282 mobile phone review

I had bought this phone because it was the feature reach and budget phone in 5k INR range.
One of the most inexpensive android phone, but within first 3-4 months itself i have realized that its so bad.

1) Charger shipped with this stopped working after a month or so.

2)  Mobile would go white screen, entire screen will be white screen, no menu nothing will be visible, tapping any of the button or screen wouldn't make any difference.   if any phone is coming at this time, there is no way you can received this call.  the only way out is switch off the phone and restart after a gap of 10-15 minutes, if you dont give gap issue may reoccure.

3) ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS : one I received a call from home ( i was called from BSNL landline) that Phone is making huge noise like a rajdoot motor cycle.  my wife on the phone explained that phone had low battery and the moment she plugged in for charging, it started making huge noise like some big old time motor bike. she immediately unplugged the charger, and it started getting very hot temperature was increasing. she tried to remove the battery but dint succeed. thats when she called I felt as if I am bomb squad member and have to help defuse a bomb especially when I am a few kilo meters away and bomb is just about to blast in 30-45 seconds. My family's life was on risk. I asked my wife to keep phone out of the phone and remain inside and then asked to call neighboor for help. I also considered calling police for the same but by then courageous neighbor came and removed the battery and story was closed. we recharged after 6 hours and restarted the phone and it s working fine since last 2 days , but I am scared of carry a mobile that can burst any time.

Samsung please help. you can reach  me at arif[dot]ali[dot]syed[at]gmail[dot]com  or  


  1. The Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 is the dual SIM version of the Galaxy Star S5280. The features are all alike in both the models. This model is intended for the mid range smartphone market. For more information on mobile phones, check out my site:

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