Decathlon nabaiji swimming goggle and swimming cap

I purchased the swimming cap and swimming goggles by nabaiji brand that's sold by Decathlon.
Experience with Swimming cap was good as it would keep my hairs dry even after an hour in swimming pool.
Experience with swimming goggle was pathetic , I tried two model that they had on shelf. 
Xbase Adult and SWIMDOW both would not protect your eyes from water, which is its primary function.
I had first purchased Xbase adult and found its not working water is sipping in always. I went back to their Bannergahtta Rd store staff was humble they offered me to buy SWIMDOW. 
I insisted that I would want to  test it here in bucket of water. I tested it and decathlon employee also tested,
and SWIMDOW also failed the test, please find the photograph  here for the proof.

  Earlier I had a swimming goggle from Speedo, and that use to work fine, but recently my son broke it and my hunt began for another good swimming goggle.

I have still not bought another swimming glasses, I am hunting for one. Any suggestions are welcome.
If i find something good I will update here.

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