How much has Indore progressed in last ten year?

Well I love Indore, I am the proud founder of a group called Indories-In-Banglaore , which connects about 200 people from my land. yearly once ot twice we organize get-togethers, where Indori food is being served.

Keeping my love for Indore and Indorians aside, this is sarcastic post and mainly describe the pain of a son and brother.

Its been about ten years, when my parents moved to Azad nagar from Ashoka colony, Manikbag Rd. Since then I have been trying my brother has been trying but we never got a BSNL broadband connection.

I work in Bangalore while rest of the family is in Indore, we would want to have a high speed broadband connection, so that we can have skype video call.  I have brought very good HD cameras and good mice for the same, but in spite of being well equipped with all good quality hardware, we  have one basic thing missing, a high speed internet.

Almost every year we applied, and first couple of years were told by officials that, your area is very far from the current BSNL broadband network, and only for one person, we can't expand that network.

Now that I know that BSNL has reached till Teenn imly squre, which is just 0.5 km from my place, we again tried, but Now BSNL has been telling that we dont have permissions for digging. 

As of now we are managing with BSNL USB modem internet eVDO,  but since its wireless speed is pathetically bad, video conferencing( skype) doesn't work properly.

On one one side MP govt wants to make Indore an IT hub and on other hand people in some areas cant get a govt broadband internet connection. 
Not sure when a good internet connection will be as common as water connection. 

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